“Moving People, Linking Lives,” University of Virginia, March 20 and 21, 2015

We plan two days of plenary sessions to bring together a diverse group of distinguished scholars from various fields, under the broad themes of current scholarship in digital humanities and the representation of persons and life narratives.

This interdisciplinary symposium, organized by Alison Booth, Amy Ogden, and Jenny Strauss Clay, is funded by the Page Barbour Lecture Fund and co-sponsored by the Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities, Scholars’ Lab, and the departments of English, French, and Classics, among others at the University of Virginia. Clearly, new media and digital methods offer the means to expand, coordinate, and share research in every discipline of the humanities. We hope to raise informed questions, especially, about contemporary social networks and prosopographies in various eras; narratology focused on nonfiction; collective biographies in the print era; biographical databases; Medieval hagiography; and mapping roads and routes and configuring human spaces.  Shaped by the experience and expertise of all participants, our discussion will also focus on attracting users and contributors, academic and otherwise, and integrating our innovations with traditional scholarship.

Events will be open to the public.  Guest presenters will give a short presentation at one of the sessions to be scheduled on the first day. On the second day, which will include workshops on specific tools and methods as well as roundtables, each guest presenter will join participants from UVA as a respondent or panelist.  In advance of the symposium, we will set up a blog with links to participants’ projects and a few short pieces for everyone to read so that presentations can go beyond introducing projects or lecturing on conclusions.  In addition, we request that presenters share their papers and mutual responses, in whole, part, or outline, after the event: a rapid-delivery “proceedings.”  A core committee will hold a follow-up videoconference in 2016 to pursue the outcomes of the symposium.

For more information, email movingpeopleuva@gmail.com.